10,150 plays Stay With Me Sam Smith In The Lonely Hour



Sam Smith | ‘Stay With Me’

if you guys think there’s anything i love more than a man using an entire choir to back up how much he needs u, then i have not done my job as a communicator.

this song is brilliant..and the guy is like 21. He’s basically the same age as bieber, and bieber’s still eating crayons.


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Alexander Steen defends teammate David Backes after he takes a massive hit from Brent Seabrook in Game 2 of the Blues/Blackhawks playoff series 4/19/14

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I kinda feel bad about Keith and Seabrook being Canadian

Because I want to like them but they’re such assholes

And that’s unfortunate

PS I hope the blackhawks take a nosedive into a dark pit

Except Toews because he’s alright


Paying it forward with class, respect & sportsmanship
April 5, 2008 - At the end of Trevor Linden’s last NHL game, Flames players, including captain Jarome Iginla, stay on the ice to congratulate Linden. 
April 12, 2014 - At the end of Ryan Smyth’s last NHL game, Canucks captain, Henrik Sedin, leads the Canucks players back onto the ice to congratulate Smyth. 

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